6 Signs of a 5-Fold Ministry Apostle 

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10 Characteristics of a Double minded Person 

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Marriage & Relationships:

  •  Why We Fell in Love
  • The Best Marriage Advice That I Have Ever Received
  • Let Go
  • Accusation vs Confrontation
  • Understanding
  • Portrait of a Virteous Woman 1
  • Portrait of a Virteous Woman 2Coping with a Suffering Partner
  • Christian Values
  • Constructive Abandonment (3)
  • Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships
  • Is Your Marriage a Desert or an Oasis?
  • What is a Real Man?
  • Dealing with Selfish & Manipulative People
  • What Every Christian Man & Woman Should Know About Relationships 1
  • What Every Christian Man & Woman Should Know About Relationships 2
  • What Every Christian Man & Woman Should Know About Relationships 3
  • **On Marriage
  • ***The Marriage Bed
  • The Straight Truth About Why Married Women Have Affairs
  • Cheating Lesbian Wife
  • Dealing with Controlling People
  • Emotional Infidelity
  • Infidelity Signs
  • 10 Signs of the Victim/10 Signs of A Survivor
  • 5 Tips for Better RelationshipsBuilding Trust
  • 5 Stages of a Committed Relationship
  • ****8 Ways to Apply Mutual Respect
  • ****The 3 Mutuals of Marriage/ Relationships
  • 8 Ways to Prevent Long Commutes From Ruining Your Marriage
  • What I Learned from Marilyn Monroe About Marriage
  • It Takes Work… Black Marriage
  • 4 Danger Signs that will DERAIL Your Relationships
  • Black Men & Relationships I & II
  • I Can’t Stand When He Gives Me the Silent Treatment
  • Who You Are: For All Men
  • Who You Are: For All Women
  • The Victim
  • Never Give Up
  • Resentment:The Silent Relationship Killer
  • What A Black Man Wants…Black Marriage
  • My Wife Had a Lesbian Affair After 20 Years of Marriage
  • How to Tell If Your Wife is Gay
  • Words Have Power
  • … Signs That She is Cheating (Muliple Videos)
  • The Christian View Concerning Sexuality:
  • Sexless Marriage: How to Restore Intimacy (2)
  • 7 Things You Should Not Tolerate in Marriage (2)
  • 6 Things A Husband Needs But is Afraid to Tell His Wife Ab0ut (2)
  • Why Your Husband Enjoys Sex (The Reason Might Surprise You)-2
  • The 10 Marriage Commandments (2)
  • Is Sex Necessary For A Happy Marriage (2)
  • 10 Simple Ways to Make Your Wife Happy (2)
  • 7 Times to Give Full Attention to Your Spouse (2)
  • If You Are Doing These 5 Things You Are Emotionally Damaging Your Husband (2)
  • 20 Things That You Should Be Doing For Your Wife Every Day(2)
  • 10 Ugly Things That Aweful Wives Do To Their Husbands


Islam & Homosexuality (LGBTQ) 

  •  A Strong Delusion
  • Why Won’t God Stop My Same Sex Attraction? (Lesbianism)
  • Constructive Abandonment


Toxic People/Narcissism & Other Personality Disorders :

  • *****Knowing Narcissism
  • 5 Smart Ways to Deal with Toxic People
  • What Resentment Does…
  • How to Tell if Someone is a Narcissist
  • The Violent Narcissist … Triangulation
  • The Narcissist Syndrome…A new Diagnosis?
  • **The Slandering Narcissist
  • Simplicity
  • How to Deal with Toxic or Difficult People (7 video or blogged Articles)
  • The Grey Rock Method for Dealing with: (Sociopaths, Narcissists and Psychopaths)
  • ******Dealing With the Covert Narcissist
  • The Contructive Narcissist ( All Videos)



  •  The Punking Process…
  • The Hidden Agenda of the Feminist Movement
  • Ladies Night Scam
  • Women Destroying Women
  • Feminist Tricks
  • My Life as A Stud:Former Lesbian Jackie Hill’s Testimony
  • Ex Lesbian’s Testimony: Charlene Cothran
  • Why Won’t God Stop my Same Sex Attraction? (Lesbianism)
  • A Dictionary of Lesbian Terms
  • My Wife Had a Lesbian Affair After 20 Years of Marriage
  • Cheating Lesbian Wife
  • How to Tell If Your Wife Is Gay
  • …Signs That She is Cheating (Multiple Videos) 



  •  Are You a Helicopter Parent?
  • The Strong Willed Child
  • Videos on EMPATHSVideos on HSPs ( Highly Sensitive People)
  • 25 Tips for Airline Travel with A Baby


Solomon/The Book of Proverbs:

  •   Solomon’s Wives
  • Understanding  The Book of Proverbs

The Effect of The Spirit of God & The Word of God…Change!

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