About – G L Jones

IPB – Prelate – Christian Heritage International Group, Inc. Author, Bishop, Pastor, Teacher.Married to Helen for 36 yrs.Father,Grandpa and husband.

I have walked with God for 53 years, in ministry for  44 yrs since age 14.Dually consecrated as Bishop on Feb.1, 2004.Carries all of the 5 fold ministry anointings and mantles including the Apostolic, the Prophetic,the Pastoral and the Teacher, as well as the Evangelist.

15 thoughts on “ About – G L Jones

  1. Thank you for that “Amen.” I’m assuming we are giving glory to Our Lord for teaching us gentleness, kindness, humility, and putting the other person’s interests ahead of ourselves. I love your “Fruits” tree! Clear images and colorful contrasts – good way to get the Fruits to stick in one’s mind!

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  2. May your blessings be many on this journey of elucidation. Thank you for joining us At the Table and thank you for sharing THE WORD and THE LIGHT with us all..Namaste’

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    1. Hi ROBERT. You seem like a like a pessimist . I happen to be an eternal optimist! I beleive that your words have power.I read your parody called “Fables”.I believe in the Law of Attraction and that what you speak or focus on – you bring into your life and it becomes a reality.We need to know the difference between “facts” and “truth”.
      Real “Knowledge” is not a bunch of facts or(fables).Know that the “truth ” will set you free while facts or (fables) cannot or will not do that! Peace

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