6 Ways To Handle A Narcissist 

By GL Jones2017

I was 56 years old before I learned what a Narcissist was. Narcissists are very selfish bullies who are also emotional abusers who prey on others. They are always thinking what’s in this relationship for me? And then they proceed to exploit others in that relationship!Being an Empath I often think now that my life would have been so much easier had I learned this knowledge of Narcissism earlier in my life. Knowledge is Power!

6 Ways to Handle a Narcissist :

1. Don’t Fall in Love with A Narcissist 

2. Hold Your Ground (if you choose to stay with a Narcissist then: Get a Journal, Be acountable to a Friend or a Therapist)

3. If Standing Your Ground Causes Rage – Then Consider Leaving (Staying could lead to serious Physical or Emotional Abuse!)

4. Know that Narcissist Always Frame Things According to What Benefits Them! ( This means that stating your needs rarely works. Learn to present ideas and wishes to the Narcissist using this Knowledge!)

5. Narcissist Are Fragile! (They are not this powerful and dynamic person that they pretend to be. They also lack the ability to change on their own.They have developed a defensive mechanism from childhood to protect them from SHAME!)

6. Take Care of Yourself! (Know your peak times and save your ENERGY!)


Copyright 2017. GL Jones Global Publishing /Christian Heritage Press. All rights reserved.


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