12 More Tips for Setting Boundaries 

By GL Jones2017

I was 56 years old before I learned what a Narcissist was. Narcissists are very selfish bullies who are also emotional abusers who prey on others. They are always thinking what’s in this relationship for me? And then they proceed to exploit others in that relationship!Being an Empath I often think now that my life would have been so much easier had I learned this knowledge of Narcissism earlier in my life. I have learned to set boundaries in my relationships now.Knowledge is Power!

12 More Tips For Setting Boundaries:

1. Study videos, articles, books and any materials available to you on the problem that you are facing. (Be sure to clearly understand how setting a boundary in this area will help you)
2. When you are ready to take your first steps begin practicing with a trusted friend or advisor.

3. After such practices move in to other situations.Keep in mind that you have to enforce these boundaries once set.

4. When you recognize the need to set a boundary, do it preferably without anger and using as few words as possible!

5. If you are not used to setting boundaries then you may feel anxious, selfish, mean or embarrassed at first! Do it anyway!

6. Know that you can’t set a boundary for someone and feel sorry for that person at the same time! (So set the boundary respectfully!)

7. Anytime you feel angry or resentful in a relationship- know that you probably need to Set a Boundary!

8. When you are confident that you can set a boundary the you will have less of a need to put up walls!

9. When you set a boundary- You will be tested so PLAN on it!

10. Healthy people will respect your boundaries but Toxic or Dysfunctional people will not! (They will double down to violate your boundary)

11. You must set boundaries out of your own time and necessity and not when someone else tells you.

12. Learn to Trust, Honor & Listen to Your True Self!

Copyright 2017. GL Jones Global Publishing /Christian Heritage Press. All rights reserved.


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