5 Steps to Becoming An Empowered Empath 

By GL  Jones ( notes from Self Care Haven) 

1. Set Boundaries 

2. Extreme Self Care

3. Energy Work

4. Visualize

5. Create a Personal Selective Community 

[x] You should have at least 10 boundaries 

[ ] Take care of yourself (exercise,dental, diet, finances, mental,emotional etc.)

[ ] Energy Work includes:

  • Writing 
  • Music
  •  Exercise 
  •  Meditation 
  •  Prayer etc.

[x] Visualize or Plan & Focus on the Purpose,Vision, Your Destiny and Legacy for your Life!

[x] We need to create a selective community of people of like minds who encourage and support us! (WordPress,Facebook Messenger Groups,The CHIGI Global Family, Church). 

[x] Build reciprocal relationships with people who give back & don’t just take (I.e -emotional vampires).

[ ] INFJ (Meyers & Bristol Test)



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