How Empaths Should Cope with Dishonesty in Narcissists, Sociopaths & Psychopaths

 GL Jones (Illustrations from PinInterest)

I am an Empath:

  • Empaths seek Honesty & Truthfulness or Truth
  • Empaths often get hung up on Evidence or Proof!
  • We expect everyone to be fair or truthful like we are
  •  This is an unrealistic expectation because Life is not always fair and people are not always truthful 
  • As a matter of fact, there are some people with personality disorders who are absolute liars: Narcissists, Sociopaths & Psychopaths

  • Empaths being very codependent tend to be drawn to Narcissists, Sociopaths & Psychopaths who are often very Dishonest with the Empath because of the need to control or manipulate the Empath or the relationship.


  • This completely frustrates the Empath!


 –   My suggestion to the Empath is to know your audience and those people that you are in a relationship with.

  •  There comes a point in a relationship where the Empath may have to lower their expectations for these dishonest people or go No Contact!
  •  Since it is not always possible for the Empath to go No Contact with with some of these dishonest people (the Narcissists, Sociopaths & Psychopaths) the following is suggested: 

1. Use the Grey Rock Method

2. Don’t Blab (Narcissists, Sociopaths & Psychopaths love Blabbers)

3. Use the Empathic Supernova Effect 

  • ( This is where the Empath tones down their personality radiance to mirror or match that of the Narcissists, Sociopaths & Psychopaths or other Dishonest person!)

4.If the Empath finally decides to go No Contact then be accountable to a trusted friend or advisor.


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