The 90/10 Principle


By GL Jones

I was reviewing in my mind a principle that I had learned from BR Hicks while studying at Christ Gospel Bible Institute in Jeffersonville, IN between (1988-1994).

  •  This Principle is called the 90/10 Principle:
  • In the secular movie released in  (2014) – “Lucy”: the actor Morgan Freeman tries to help a young woman after she is kidnapped and exposed to a drug that pushes her brain to reach 100% efficiency.
  • Many facets of this principle have been proven by scientists 
  • It is based on the premise that man only uses 10% of the brain!
  • It is believed that 90% of our brains are unused
  • Theologians that believe in Predestination teach that 90 % of our choices were made in the loins of our forefathers 
  • It is also believed that 80-90% of Christians remain as Spiritual babes while only 10-20% grow into Spiritual Maturity 
  • These views may be viewed as extreme by some

I have seen as International Presiding Bishop of the Christian Heritage International Group, Inc. that in running a church or religious organization that 10-20% of the followers do all of the work to support or help the church or organization run while 80% are just along for the ride!

  • Good people are hard to find and even harder to keep!

Secular & Christian Psychology

The 90/10 Principle Definitely applies here also.

  • In Psychology, we can analyze people and do case studies but with very little deliverance or healing.

I teach that there are at least 6 forms of Abuse:

  1. Verbal Abuse
  2.  Emotional Abuse
  3. Financial Abuse
  4. Spiritual Abuse
  5. Sexual Abuse (Constructive Abandonment etc.)
  6. Physical Abuse
  • I encourage victims to go No Contact or separate from the abusers that perpetrate these abuses while seeking professional help!

  • I also encourage victims to seek Godly counsel today to provide leadership and sound solutions to all parties that are involved thru the skillful use of God’s Word & the Holy Spirit!

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