How to Deal with the Proud Scorners 10/2/12

img_0861by GL Jones

Proverbs 22:10 tell us that we must do 2 things in order to deal with the Proud Scorner:

1. Separate 

2. Cast Out

We get the following results:

* Contentions shall Go Out!

* Strife & Reproach shall Cease!

[ ] I have accepted the resignation of more than one minister who turned out to be backbiters and Proud Scorners even though I hated to see them go! I Knew that some were headed to their own destruction .

[ ] Fortunately the Contention & Strife left with them!

[ ] On a personal note I seem to have a problem with some who are very close to me. They are making themselves expendable by becoming Proud Scorners in:

* [ ] Refusing to Accept Reproof

* [ ] They are given to change (a loss of holiness, standards & Separation!)

[ ] I am seeking God today to see what to do next concerning these love ones…

[ ] I have had a lot of added stress, contentions and strife in the last 32 years worrying over close love ones in my life. There comes a point in your life where you have to release these people into God’s hands.

[ ] I am learning to Deal with these People from a Position of Strength!


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