A New Plateau of Knowledge -On Narcissism Friday 4/7/17

img_0861By GL Jones

[ ] I have been studying the subject of Narcissism for the past 3 1/2 years. I was listening to a teacher who authored a series called “Knowing The Narcissist” when it occurred to me that on any given subject: there are teachers – then there are Master Teachers – we must search on our quest for knowledge until we find the right teacher on a subject.
[ ] Perhaps we have been abused in life – certain answers and certain teachings can be our DELIVERANCE! There is a higher height and a deeper depth to be found on any given subject!
[ ] ” A hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor; but through knowledge shall The just be delivered.” Proverbs 11: 9


I am an empath and I tend to be a codependent. In my lifetime I have been taken advantage of on many occasion by Narcissists because of my generosity and loving nature.I am a Magnetic Empath because I give hope to all who come to me. People tend to be drawn to me because of my positive nature.

I guess what fascinates me is how one individual ( a Narcissist) can be so negative and take advantage of others (empaths and codependents) to get their Narcissistic Supply. In life we will run into a very broad spectrum of people.

I have learned to deal with these people on their level and regulate the gift of knowledge that flows through me on a need to know basis. Motive is very important to me as a leader, when I give others advice now! Being a Super Empath I am able to deal with many Narcissists that I run into a an appropriate level so as not to be taken advantage of.

[ ] The Bible tells us : “Not to cast your pearls before Swine.” I learned to think of the Knowledge that I have obtained in my 58 years of living as: My Pearls of Great Price!


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