My Legacy That I Leave Behind (A Timecapsule – June 5, 2016)



By GL Jones

On Sunday June 5, 2016 I was sitting and reflecting on my life.I asked myself what do I want to be remembered as or by? What legacy will I leave behind? God has been very good to me in my lifetime. He gave me 2 godly parents ( Tony and Susie Young). I was raised in the nurture and the admonition of the LORD. I was raised a PK (Preachers Kid). I was also able to make some great choices in my lifetime:

1.Accepting CHRIST as my Savior.

2.Establishing a personal relationship since age 5. Experiencing and walking, during my lifetime, in the fullness and Divine Providence of the Lord. This included studying and preparing for ministry from age 9. And then, finally walking in the ministry from 2004 to present.

3. Along the way, I took a wife (Helen), who has been gracious enough to…

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