Covert Emotional Abuse

Source:Dr David Dawkins/Reblogged by GL Jones for the CHIGI Family




3 thoughts on “Covert Emotional Abuse

  1. Covert abuse is a scourge on our planet and I have sustained prolonged and extensive abuse and had to cut your video short because it is very painfully raw and it is the truth. My story is as shocking as the next and if not for my faith, I would succumb quite easily to it. Society is covertly re-abusing victims and they are being re-victimised by the systems that will not protect us. Narcissists and sociopaths/psychopaths are flaunting their abuse and basically taking the risks, as minimal as they are because we have an epidemic and a global one at that of abusers, speaking the same language regardless of their place or position in society. We are directed to intervene and our churches are turning women away in droves and yet they may have prepared the couple for marriage yet clearly favour the narcissists. I could write about this most pressing and urgent issue for the rest of my days and still it won’t change anything as I am desperately clinging to my faith, that though the tide be against us, God will prevail. We are receiving messages that it is okay to murder and okay to bully another to death, okay to so many crimes, due to our systems reinforcing it. One may assume that the ways that the judicial system is manipulated by offenders would be the warning signs that God has given us and it is clear and noteworthy. We are in imminent danger and I believe that God will not tolerate this much longer. The hair on the heads of his little ones are being threatened daily and the child deaths are astounding when there were clear warning signs that have been ignored by the very authorities that should be listening to the truth in all of its light. Thanks you for our video on covert abuse. Australia.

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