“Crazy”-The Favorite Word of the Narcissist

By GL Jones


Know that Narcissists are people who have suffered great trauma in their childhood. Please recognize that these people are sick and cannot help themselves. They are emotionally stunted and very insecure. They PROJECT this insecurity off on those around them. You can always tell what the narcissist is thinking or doing from their accusations against others.The tale tell signs are:

  •   Hating members of the opposite sex.
  • A lack of empathy for others.


The very meaning of the word narcissist is “unconscious”.The narcissist is known to engage in TRIANGULATION. They are adept at sowing discord among brethren, assemblies,churches and families.Solomon tells us that the plight of the Talebearer or Narcissist is that they will eventually be exposed before all. This means that eventually people will see though them.People who lie, misrepresents, slanders or maligns others will eventually reap what they have sown!

Over the last 15 years I have learned that ” Crazy” seems to be the favorite word of the “pathological narcissist”. God has enlightened me spiritually in many areas.This spiritual journey involved going through a great furnace of affliction.There, I was able to discover many gifts within myself, including Open Vision. During this time, I learned about toxic people (particularly – the narcissist).

What I learned about the narcissist is that you cannot reason with them.They try to destroy your character, reputation with others including your family and friends. They try to convince others that you are “CRAZY” – and this seems to be their favorite word!

Again, Solomon tells us in Proverbs 26: that the plight of the Talebearer or the narcissist is that they will be exposed before the whole congregation or assembly or the entire family.This means that people will eventually see through these talebearers,Narcissists or toxic people!


 Copyright GL Jones Publishing/Christian Heritage Press.All Rights Reserved 2016.




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