Your First Ministry

Source : Bishop Michael Mitchell/ Reblogged by GL Jones for CHIGI the entire five-fold ministry and  CHIGI Family



As Christians, once we reach a point where we know how to successfully pray for ourselves, walk in relationship with God daily, and know how to reach heaven when we have an issue, we then need to focus on helping our family members get to a similar place. If you are married, you have an obligation to seek God on behalf of your spouse and children, to intercede for them. If you are a single parent, intercede for your children. Pray that their prayer lives, relationship with God, and their their ability to reach heaven when an issue arises, increases. It’s not enough for you to reach the spiritual place where God wants you to be; you have to intercede for your family, so that they can be where God wants them to be also. +Bishop



Commentary by GL Jones:

I felt called to ministry at age 9.After much preparation:2 Bible colleges and a bachelors degree from Indiana University, and being strickened with MS at age 41, in December, 1999 , we launched CHIGI in January 2004.I am grateful for Godly parents (Pastors Tony & Susie Young) who set the example of how to raise a family while running a church.The one thing Mom & Dad never let me forget in my own 36 year marriage: Your Family is Your First Ministry!


My son (Gary Jr) and my daughter (Faith) are now grown and have families of their own. I have one grandson (Solomon) and one Granddaughter (Olivia Marie) by my beautiful daughter- in-law Christina.We intend pass this truth down to the next generation: Your Family is Your First Ministry! Amen



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