Understanding Narcissistic Abuse in Marriage

By GL Jones


You wake up one day and realize that:

” You understand what it’s like to be the source of constant criticism and blame that turns you into a frightened, mentally paralyzed version of your former self that you have to bring back to life.Only your youth is gone, your looks are fading, you energy is drained and you hopes and dreams are crushed.”


My parents Rev.Tony & Susie Young) were my 2 greatest examples of what a marriage should be. They were true partners. They made decisions in raising the kids and grandchildren together as a team.They taught me:


  •  Marriage is very hard work
  • 0ften in marriage, the Narcissist is  attracted to a Codependent person (often an Empath)
  • In the Jones/Young / Hope Families (My family), the emphasis was always placed on the husband making the marriage work: meaning that if a marriage failed then the husband being the last line of defense would seem to always get the final blame.
  • My parents lived an example of Humilty and Gratitude before us.
  • They taught me the importance of having a personal relationship with Christ.
  • They also taught me that God had to be the center of any marriage in order for it to work or last.
  • My parents also taught me that all major purchases such as: cars, home , kids college -should be discussed  and purchased together ,  because marriage is a partnership.
  • Helen & I will celebrate 36 years of marriage this October 11,2016.


For all my suffering readers – I want to share these 3 YouTube Videos : 1 by Angie Atkinson an 2 by Ross Rosenberg:







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