Notes – The 3 Dangers of NPD & 3 Solutions for Dealing with A Narcissist

By GL Jones


Pleasant Surprise:

On Tuesday August 2, 2016, I listened to Dr.David Hawkins in 4 videos. Dr.Hawkins is a licensed clinical psychologist.   The pleasant surprise was that he is in the 5 % minority that believes that there is hope for a person with severe NPD – narcissistic personality disorder. The other 95% of mental help professionals believe that there is no hope in changing a person with NPD and that you should just leave them and save yourself. Dr. Hawkins believes that there must be a definitive intervention by the victim and that the abuser must hit rock bottom like a drug addict before they will change.The abuser must be willing to do the work to change.
The 3 Dangers for the Victim of NPD:

1. Feelings of being Overwhelmed
2. Feelings of Confusion
–   This is because the Narcissist often projects.They make you feel crazy and like you are the one with the problem.
This is called ” crazymaking”.
3. Being Afraid


The 3 Solutions For Dealing With a Narcissist 

1. Hold Firm to your Belief System
2. Set Some Clear Boundaries
3. Stay the Course

  •  Do not argue with the narcissist or engage in battles with him/her (the Abuser).
  • Go Grey Rock Method
  • Separation may be Necessary
  • The Abuser must complete an Intervention until a bonafide Counselor has cleared him/her.
  • The Victim much Teach the Abuser how to treat him/her!
  • Know that Narcissist come in a wide range of spectrums. The disease of pathological narcissism ranges from 250-600.
  • Because we all have some Narcissism the normal or healthy range is 0-250.
  • Know the difference between narcissistic traits and Narcissist Personality Disorder.

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