David – A Man After God’s Own Heart

By GL Jones


A Great Bible Example and Model – David

If you ask me who is the one person in the bible other than Jesus whom you can relate to or model your life after – GARY – who would that be? I would then tell you – David. He was a very passionate and sensitive man and a man after God’s own heart.Yet, he committed 2 of the greatest sins known to mankind (adultery and murder). David commited adultery with Uriah’s wife Bathsheba and impregnated her.He then had Uriah killed in battle to cover this sin. David was exposed by the prophet Nathan and went thru 13 years of repentance and penance where he wept on his bed. However, there were some in Israel that never forgave David like Shimei (Bathsheba’s uncle).David knew the mercy of God and wrote the longest book in our Bible: Psalms. I find it fascinating  that God never demoted or removed David as king of Israel and out of this great mistake one of the wisest and wealthiest kings was born: Solomon.

I have never killed anyone, but I am familiar with the sin of adultery. I am also familiar with the sin of unforgiveness and God’s great mercy and the process of restoration.

The 3 Bars of Marriage are: LOVE,TRUST & FORGIVENESS.  If any one of these 3 bars are missing or broken, then this leads to a troubled MARRIAGE!  LOVE, TRUST & FORGIVENESS can never be missing in our marriages!


Copyright 2016 – GL Jones Publishing/Christian Heritage Press.All rights reserved.



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