2 Evil People in The Bible

 By GL Jones


2 Evil People in the Bible:


Saul was anointed by Samuel to be the first king of Israel.Saul would become rebellious and would later backslide and be replaced by David. Samuel gave Saul the famous words that: “OBEDIENCE is better than SACRIFICE.” Samuel would also tell Saul that his REBELLION was as the sin of Witchcraft. Unfortunately I see many facets of these traits working in some Christians today and their marriages.Some people are big on SACRIFICE but small on OBEDIENCE as Christians. I am commanded in Ephesians 5 to love my wife as Christ loves the church. I have attempted to do so over past 35 yrs.God wilI be my final judge of that. Wives are commanded by Ephesians 5 to submit to her husband as a Christian wife in ALL THINGS ( which includes both SEX & FINANCES). It always seems to be all about the Benjamin’s with some people and their motto is : “A poor man can’t tell me nothing!” Making one’s spouse seem incompetent and demonizing one’s spouse is not the justification for disobedience,disrespect or bad behavior.



The Jezebel spirit and Hollywood Christianity has crept into the church an our homes unfortunately. Some Christians seem to have lost their standards and values of holiness that we were taught from their youth. Some women want to behave like a single woman yet want all of the benefits of being in a marriage.They hang out with single and ungodly women.

The Jezebel spirit takes on the spirits in the world today which include humanism and postmodernism,adultery, emotional infidelity,sexual promiscuity,etc.

The Jezebel Spirit also hates God and his servants and anyone affiliated with ministry as we see in the story and life of the prophet Elijah.



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