Understanding The Book of Proverbs

By GL Jones


My Personal History with the Book of Proverbs

At age 9, I was challenged by my Mother, Susie M.Young, to read one chapter each day  in the Book of Proverbs that corresponded with the date of the month. Most months have 30 days, and the Book of Proverbs has 31 chapters. For the last 49 years I have done this consistently and faithfully.I passed this suggestion and tradition on to my son,Gary Jr. The book of Proverbs had such an impact and influence on my son’s life that he and our daughter-in- law (Christina), named their firstborn, and our first grandchild: Solomon.

The Book of Proverbs is a book of understanding. In my view,it shows Solomon’s godly quest for WISDOM over RICHES, though he received both. Solomon was one of the wisest and richest men that ever lived (exception:  Jesus Christ). This book also shows the age old male  – female dynamic filled with idolatry, for he went against his God while trying to please his 700 wives , by building gardens and worship places for their idol worship. (This had previously happened in garden of Eden-Adam/Eve) This book portrays not only the strength but the weakness of the human man. Like his father, David, he loved women and the finer things in life, and seemed to be a sex addict. How else can one explain : one man having sex with 1000 women, routinely? God’s original plan for the human race was: one man and one woman and not a harem for one man.(I.e Adam-Eve,Abraham-Sarah.) A great example of PARENTING is given in Proverbs,however. Since Solomon had 700 wives, and 300 concubines – he had many children! Since all scripture is profitable for the man of God (II Tim.3:16,17), much can be learned from the life of Solomon, in the book of Proverbs!


History & Overview – by C.I. Scoffield ,D.D.

According to C.I.Scoffeld DD.:

Author: Solomon and others                                        Theme: Wisdom Date of Compilation:10th Century B.C.


PROVERBS is a collection of pithy sayings in which, by comparison or contrast, some important truth is set forth. Proverbs were common to all the nations of the ancient world. This particular collection was made for the mast part by Solomon who, in I Kings 4:32, is said to have uttered three thousand proverbs.

Among the virtues commended in this book are the pursuit of wisdom, filial piety, liberality, domestic faithfulness, and honesty in business relationships.Among the vices condemned are intemperance in eating or drinking, licentiousness, falsehood, sloth, contentiousness, and the keeping of bad company.

The Proverbs collected by Solomon are difficult to classify, The following divisions may be helpful:

I. Fatherly Exhortations addressed mainly to the Young, 1-9

II.Wisdom and the Fear of God Contrasted with Folly and Sin, 10-24

III.Proverbs of Solomon Selected by the Men of Hezekiah, 25-29

IV.Supplemental Proverbs by Agur and Lemuel, 30-31.”




Christian Heritage Press and G.L. Jones Publishing.All rights reserved 2015.


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