A Contrast Between Righteousness & Wickedness (Proverbs 15-Part I)

Commentary by G L Jones


Proverbs‬ ‭15:1-7‬ ‭KJV‬‬

1-A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

2- The  tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness.

3-The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.

4-A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit.

5-A fool despiseth his father’s instruction: but he that regardeth reproof is prudent.

6-In the house of the righteous is much treasure: but in the revenues of the wicked is trouble.

7- The lips of the wise disperse knowledge: but the heart of the foolish doeth not so.



Overview: Proverbs 15:1-7

In the first 7 verses of this chapter Solomon make many contrasts:

  • A soft answer vs grievous words which stir up anger.(1)
  • The tongue of the wise which uses KNOWLEDGE aright vs the mouth of fools which poureth out foolishness (2) 
  • A wholesome tongue which is a tree of life vs perverseness ( a froward mouth) which causes others to have a wounded spirit(4)
  • A fool who depiseth his father’s instruction vs a son that regarded his father’s reproof and is prudent (5)
  • In the house of the righteous there is much treasure vs the revenues of the wicked which bring much trouble!
  • vs (3) is a key verse because it tells us that the eyes of them LORD are in everyplace be holding the evil and the good.



Christian Heritage Press and G.L. Jones Publishing.All rights reserved.


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