What Can You Do About Relationship Anxiety?

Source by Herb Leibacher/Reposted by GL Jones for CHIGI

September 21, 2015


“Anxiety is a relatively permanent state of nervousness and worry that can occur in everyday life, or in more severe cases, with a number of different kinds of mental disorders.

There is a huge problem that some people have in a relationship. One person in the relationship will have quite a bit of anxiety in the relationship. At times this becomes such an issue that it starts to affect the relationship causing problems. There are some things that you can do about this problem.

  • First of all, both partners need to realize that the anxiety is not something that they want to be there. Don’t attack the other person about it if they are having this. You both need to learn to work with it and realize it’s not his or her fault.
  • Learn to really trust each other. Many times the anxiety is caused by a lack of trust. Build trust in the relationship and stop doing things that are compromising trust.
  • Let go of the little things in the relationship. This can become a huge problem always bringing these up all the time. This will make the anxiety even worse.
  • Sometimes the anxiety is caused by one fearing becoming too close in the relationship. At times one can feel trapped. Talk about what is going on in this situation and define some boundaries so that both people can feel better about everything.
  • Don’t let your anxiety be something that you use to lash out at the other person. Be responsible about it and realize that it’s not the other person’s fault that you feel this way. Treat them with respect as best as you can.
  • Deal with your own personal insecurities. Many times these can lead to worry and anxiety.
  • Realize that there is never 100% security in any relationship. Sometimes the feelings of worry are there because you want to be sure that you will always have that other person. Become comfortable knowing that the person is here with you now even though you can’t control them being there tomorrow.”

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