Building Trust in a Relationship – 6 Tips to Build Trust in Your Relationship

Repost by G L Jones for CHIGI Family


Source from Johanna Baker


Trust is a vital ingredient needed in every relationship. When you commit to sharing your life with another person, you need to know that you can rely on him or her. They need to share the same values and have similar core beliefs as you do which helps build trust.

So, how do you build trust in your relationship? Here are 6 relationship tips to help you:

1. Be a person of integrity. Make sure you keep your word. If you cannot be somewhere at the time you said you would be there, ensure that you communicate with your partner, so that they are aware of what is happening. It is your thoughtfulness in these situations that show others who you are.

2. Be honest. Even if it hurts, always tell the truth. Telling lies drives a wedge between two people and makes it hard for them to know the other person. Truth also builds trust. When your partner hears you tell lies, even little white lies, to other people, they lose confidence in you. If it is that easy for you to be untruthful to strangers, what lies have you told them?

3. Be open. Keeping secrets can ruin a good relationship. When you are getting serious about your relationship, it is important to share any significant personal history, so that there are no surprises, and you both have a greater understanding of who the other person is and where they have come from. This helps build a stronger connection between the two of you, and helps you learn to communicate with each other better.

4. Be faithful. Also, have faith in your partner that they are being true to you too. There is nothing worse than becoming suspicious when there is no need. It becomes very destructive to any trusting relationship.

5. Be realistic in your expectations of each other and your relationship. Accept that there will tough times as well as good times. The important thing here is that you need to know that your partner is committed to the relationship and to you.

6. Be reliable. Know yourself enough to do the right things and make good choices. Know what your goals are and what you want out of life. When you can trust in your own abilities, you can more readily trust in someone else. It is easier to find someone whose dreams and aspirations complement yours, when you know what they are.

If your goal is to have a strong loving relationship then the first thing to do is build trust in your relationship. As you get to know your partner, trust, love and respect will grow as you put these tips into practice.”




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