A Ministry Review – My Testimony

By GL Jones


At age 5, I accepted the Lord Jesus as my savior (blood experience). At age 9, I was baptized in Jesus name (water experience). At age 11, I was filled with the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues.(fire experience). So I had a complete and solid Christian foundation experience of blood, fire & water.

I spent 31 years in Christ Gospel Churches International, Inc. under the tutelage of Rev. BR Hicks, who I consider my spiritual mother. This is a fundamental Christian organization who followed the Apostolic Creed, very similar to COGIC today. I thank God for all of the revelation of the word an the Christian example set both by my parents( Pastors Tony & Susie Young) and church leadership ( under Bishop Preston & First Lady – Virginia Leonard). The 3 most important principles that learned during my formative years:

  • Separation
  • Gratitude  &
  • Prudence

In 1967, at age 9, Igot my first Apostolic epiphany and felt the call to ministry. I knew that one day I would Pastor. From that time I started to study very seriously.

In 1972,at age 14, I attended my first convention in CGC. I knew then I wanted to come to Jeffersonville (National Headquarters) and study one day…

In 1984, Helen and I attended CGC Ministerial Convention in March 1984.Helen was pregnant with Gary Jr.I knew then by the spirit that we would be coming in to sit under BR Hicks soon.

In 1987, our family moved and spent 7  yrs in Jeffersonville,IN.

One of the great principles that I was taught from BR Hicks was the Changing Principle:

  • Add to your: – Faith
  • Virtue
  • Knowledge
  • Temperance
  • Patience
  • Godliness
  • Brotherly Kindness
  •  Love


II Peter 1:3-10 These things are on the  Moral Development side of Spiritual Growth.

Vs 10 – A guarantee that we shall not fall!


In 1994, we moved back to Clearwater, FL were we finished raising our children : Gary Jr.(30) and Faith (25). Gary has been married for 5 years and we have a beautiful  grandson (Solomon) and now in 2017- a new granddaughter- (Olivia MARIE). In October 2015 God has blessed Helen & I to celebrate 35 yrs of marriage.Life has  not always been easy but God has been very good to us!

The God we serve is righteous, holy,faithful and JUST!

1967-1984 = 17 yrs                Got my Spiritual Education
1984- 2004 = 20 yrs.           Consecrated as a Bishop Feb.1, 2004/  Start Moral  Development
2004 – 2017 = 13 yrs             President CHIGI movement
2017-  ?          ?                         Author/ Publishing / Build Legacy

Gary L Jones Sr

Christian Heritage Press and G.L. Jones Publishing.All rights reserved.


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