Beware of the Christian Narcissist


By GL Jones

The Christian Narcissist usually operates in these  3 Arenas : Religion, Politics & Sex!

  • When the family or the church family have all grown up and become sick of the NARCISSISM antics – people start to withdraw from the Narcissist in a natural progression with no contact.( People will see you for what and who you are eventually!)
  • People in both churches and families do eventually grow up!
  • The eyes come open  and their vision becomes greater!
  • When you run across people who are narcissist  you will see that they run out of narcissistic supply,they then turn to religion because like politics and sex, religion is very controversial!
  • The Narcissist easily acclimates to the Christian lifestyle!
  • They have a skewed religious belief
  • Have a double standard
  • Ex.: Won’t pay child support
  • Won’t apologize for their mistakes
  • See themselves as perfect!
  • In a pastoral or authoritative position
  • Argumentative
  • Will never humble themselves to see the other person’s position
  • They really never believe that they are wrong!
  • Narcissists seldom or rarely get cured!


Christian Heritage Press and G.L. Jones Publishing.All rights reserved


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