The Grey Rock Method – Discussion

By GL Jones


I shared with a pastor today, the Grey Rock Method of dealing with psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths. If you went out to a rock pile and saw a gray rock or pebble, you probably wouldn’t notice it because it does not stand out! In this method, any victims of abuse should tone down their approach in interacting with the psychopath, narcisst or sociopath so as to eliminate any verbal, emotional or physical abuse that comes from them.Since the victim may not yet be in a “No Contact” situation due to current circumstances.The psychopath, Narccisst and sociopath all love DRAMA and get bored very easily!

I heard at a Presidential Terrorism briefing that: “The best intelligence has to be kept secret.”

Types of Marital Abuse:

Emotional Infidelity
Financial Infidelity
I also encouraged the pastor and was encouraged to:

Stay strong
Walk in The Spirit & not after the flesh!
This means that he should place the marriage completely in God’s hands and forget about his own personal strategy.
Watch & Pray!
Lead by Example!
Focus on God and His will for your life and not your spouse!

I also warned this pastor that the stress could take a toll on his physical and mental health!

Christian Heritage Press and G.L. Jones Publishing.All rights reserved 2005.


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