Division In the Body of Christ

By GL Jones

As a natural and spiritual father I have many spiritual children globally.God has blessed us to have International contacts in at least 31 different Countries.

An age old tactic of our enemy is to divide and conquer the Body of Christ.There is good Separation (from the world, the Flesh,& the Devil and a bad Separation from God and his people.We need to know the difference. One Lord, one baptism, one faith, one Spirit)…

We should work together as Christians to build God’s kingdom.

The Apostle Paul said ( in Ephes. 4): “Till we all come to the UNITY of The FAITH…

*God’s kingdom is such a prize of light and love that all opposing forces of darkness & Hatred try to prevent those ASPIRE to enter!

*Secular people live by Murphys Law.I live according to Faith.But Christians walk by faith,  recognizing Spiritual Warefare.

As Christians we must refuse to live by Murphys Law.(See Romans 8:28)

*As a man of God I can tell you personally that Lucifer has tried to destroy me since age 5.

The Apostle Peter tells us to think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which may come upon us as Christians…

We can also expect the label of rejection from fleshly carnal minded Christians and people if walk in the Way of Light… (See Isaiah 35:8)

( pages 1011-1012 , 672 Wide margin KJV)
The Garment of Violence

*Proverbs 1:29 -We need to know that there are people in Churchs and high places (Nicoliatans) that hate knowledge and the light of true Revelation.Revelation
requires much effort to receive and to keep!

Today I say to each Son & Daughter 3 things:
Stay in the Way (Isaiah 35:8)
Way of Holiness (No Uncleanness there)
It is the way of Understanding
Always follow the cloud & fire (the Holy Spirit)
2.Practice Separation
Key to our Spiritual Success (Matt.5:16)
Helps us to avoid those who will distract us from our Vision, Purpose and Journey
Don’t allow anyone or any thing to separate us from the Love of God or the Love of Christ

(see Romans 8).Don’t get knocked out of the race.
3.God Rewards those who listens. (Proverbs 1:33)
Shall dwell safely
Shall be quiet from the Fear of Evil
(C) Copyright 2014 GL Jones Publishing, Christian Heritage Press.All rights reserved.


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